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Below is a collection of videos highlighting some of the projects we have completed, the community that we helped build, and our approach to sustainable trail design and construction. 

Hobbs State Park Monument Trail  - OZ Trails Northwest Arkansas

Hobbs State Park Monument Trail - OZ Trails Northwest Arkansas

Ready for 40 miles of back country riding, swooping descents, where you don't have to think about where yoru next turn is? The Hobbs State Park Monument Trail in Rogers, AR, is the perfect place to ride! Join us as the Arkansas State Parks Foundation Program Manager, Amber Brown, shows some of her favorite places along this exciting trail! The new network features downhill-only trails, as well as plenty of meandering flow lines with views of Beaver Lake. You can get to it all by heading east on the Tunnel Connector Trail from the state park’s visitor center. This is where you’ll find the two downhill lines called Sawtooth and Timberjack, as well as a return trail. All three are about a mile long. It’s also where you’ll come across the connector trail’s namesake: the tunnel that gives riders safe passage under Highway 12. From the tunnel, you can take either the East or West Wolf Den trails. Both are about two-miles long and flow downhill to quickly get riders to the eight-mile Karst Loop Trail, which can be ridden in either direction. After a short climb, you’ll be rewarded with a flowing ridge trail that drops you through karst rock outcroppings down to the lake. There’s even a swimming spot if you’re looking for a mid-ride break, so consider bringing along a bathing suit in your pack. There are also ride-in campsites if you’re looking to stay a while longer. After finishing the Karst Loop, head back to the Visitor Center and if you’re still hungry for more riding, hit the 22-mile long Hidden Diversity Trail.


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Press Releases and Articles

A collection of recent press releases about the trails and communities that we have helped build and strengthen.

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